How Does Cloud Computing Works?

Typically, Cloud computing provides universal access to your files via the web, your computer on your differents devices wherever your are. Espressonet Own Cloud (EOC) Services combines the capability of two or more types of clouds that include private, public, or community cloud platforms which might remain as a spate entity, still offers unique deployment benefits to users. In a traditional cloud model, workloads continue to shift as per the computing resources requested by end users. EOCs eliminate the organizational need to invest separately in different cloud models, providing the unique benefits of each model in a single package. Cloud computing solutions cover a vast range of options now, from the basics of storage, networking, and processing power to natural language processing and artificial intelligence as well as standard office applications. Pretty much, any service that doesn't require you to be physically close to the computer hardware that you are using, can now be delivered via the cloud.

We offer managed Cloud Solutions that incorporates the advantages of both the private and public cloud along with full control over your data. The solution increases performance and reduces the wastage of resources. We provide the Cloud solutions for clients with customization, API, integration, 24×7 support, migration, backup, provisioning, and many more features..

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  EDUCATION, While growth in the education industry is ensured, the opportunities can be multiplied if technology is properly used. Along with the digitization of education industry, eLearning is the next big thing that is sure to transform the education industry. With our solutions, you get access to more advanced and innovating learning methods, remote learning, mobile learning, better management of institute activities and much more.

  BUSINESS, Professional Service providers and businesses face many issues with their day-to-day activities and workflow. We provide highly customized solutions that enable you to look-after the added responsibilities and utilize your resources profitably. We provide bookkeeping, account management, resource management and other tasks simple and well-managed. Our solutions are tailored for doctors, chartered accountants, lawyers, business owners and other professionals.


  REAL STATE, Real Estate has immense potential of technology incorporation. While the large part of the real estate business still depends upon traditional tools and methods, Espressonet works to create innovative and advanced solutions for the Real Estate & Housing Industry. CRM / ERP Solutions, Web Applications & Portal Development, Real Estate Mobile Applications, Property Buy/Sell Portals, Tenant Management Solutions, Online Property Booking etc.

  Job/career, There are certain things, which make Job Portal ideal place for complete hiring process. Job seekers Resume Database Access, Resume Search Tools (Category, Experience, Keyword etc.), Job Posting/Long Term Visibility of Job Posts, Sufficient/Unlimited/Customized space for Job description and other details, Mass mailing to short listed candidates, Confidential Job Posting (Employers details not visible if requested).

  TRANSPORT, Our solutions for Transportation & Automobile Industry Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Solutions, Logistic on Demand,Solutions and much more. Each solution is tailored for your requirements and works to enhance your performance while reducing costs.

  HOTEL/TRAVEL AND TOURISM, Online booking typically involves multiple service providers based in different locations, and with a high amount of data needed to be accessed, analyzed and shared between these parties in near real-time, the pressure is on for technology to keep pace.